23 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] EXO SHOWTIME EP 12 FULL”

  1. Dear Julie and Dina, thank you for your patience in dealing with some fans’ bullcraps about you subbing this show. Watching EXO’s Showtime would not have been the same without your subs. So in behalf of all the fans who are actually grateful of you guys, THANK YOU! 하트.

  2. ohmigosh! thank you so muchi :’) such a bittersweet feeling. all this while, thank you for subbing this and putting up with all sorts of people. your efforts are commendable(?) if i used the right word… anyhow, i just wanted to point out the second last song ard 54:45 minutes was Into Your World instead of Don’t Go, the song before Kai started talking at the end of the video. again, thank you so much you two! loves <33

  3. i’m sorry to ask you this…im so confuse, because i cant download ep.12 via tubemate…it says that the video inf out of date…why should i do??can you guys uploaded that video again or please give me any clue..thank you so much :)

    1. LOL why would we re-upload the video when there’s nothing wrong with it…there are download links that we provide for all the episodes…use those or I guess u can’t download

      1. Im so sorry…i thought that something was wrong with the video,, my mistake then,, im so sorry, i didnt mean to make u mad or annoyed u…thank you for your information,, i really appreciate your efforts,, big thanks for subbing this, you guys are the best :)

  4. Thaaaaannnnkkk yoouuuuuu for subbing! I always patiently waited for these subs rather than watching anything else because these were just the best! Comprehensive, well-written, and consistent–and so pretty and colorful! This show has helped me relieve a lot of stress and I’m so grateful for your hard work! Fighting! :D

    1. Maybe it’s because there are only twelve members of EXO , so that is why they just make it for twelve episodes indeed. I guess so . and really really sad about this :(

  5. Hello I’ve been wanting to say that you two are AWESOME! The sub,it really helps me as an international fan to keep up on the episodes. thank you for all your hardwork,hopefully many good things happen in your life ^^ Now I’ll be patiently waiting for ep 1 and 2

  6. I dont have any acc so I can’t follow u. I really love u’r sub. Its perfect, I had downloaded EXOST with other subber and I download a new one which is sub by u again. I love u’r sub! I just want to know why I can’t download eps 12? Its kinda upsetting. I download it and I’m not going to upload it, I just download it to watch it again and again. Thats all, thanks for u’r awsome sub~

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